Wholesale Info/Agreement

Thank you for choosing us and we are excited to have you as a retailer. Please review the terms and conditions below and contacts us for more info that we didn't answer or for custom orders. 

Minimum Order

First time order purchase has to be a minimum of $300 before taxes and shipping. You have to have at least 3 quantities in each style. Payment is due at the time of order.

We have to right to cancel any order that does not met the minimum order. 

Order fulfillment

Fulfillment can take up to 3 weeks depending on fabric stock levels, and therefore all wholesale clients are asked to plan accordingly. The garments that you are purchasing are cut and manufactured for your order. 

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling are calculated based on weight. Shipping Insurance is calculated and included in shipping fees. VERY IMPORTANT** Please Choose Wholesale Shipping at checkout. If wholesale shipping method is not chosen, we have the right to reject and cancel your order.  Please allow at least 3 weeks for your order to ship.


We can customize. Please contact us anvykidshop@gmail or give us a call at 713-679-0683.


If you are discounting our products for a sale, we require that you show the original price in addition to the discount marked down price; so that it won't appear that you are showing our products at a lower cost. We ask that you wait at least 2 months to discount any newly released items. 

Internet Sales

Selling our products via Etsy and Ebay is strictly prohibited. You may sell and promote our products via Facebook, Instagram and your store websites.


Please contact us within 10 days of order if you want to change or cancel order. You must faxed cancellations or modifications to (713) 242-9915 along with an email to anvykidshop@gmail. If your order has already started to be processed and in production, we cannot cancel or change your order. Please make sure that everything is the way you want it before ordering to prevent any problems. We only accept returns if the item is defective. Wholesale merchandise may not be returned or exchanged. Please check all products within 5 business days after its arrival for damage or defective items.  Please contact us for return inquires. 

By placing a wholesale order, you are stating that you understand and adhere to all policies set forth by Anvy Kids. We have the right to cancel any order that does not follow the above guidelines.